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Micro-Nutrient Testing

Chronic disease is on the rise, and the majority of chronic disease is in part attributable to nutrient deficiencies at the cellular level.  Micronutrients – vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fats, and anti-oxidants – are utilized by every single cell in your body. If the cells do not have these essential micronutrients, then it cannot function properly, and cellular function will be compromised. Overtime, this leads to disease.  

To reverse disease, the body needs to heal and repair at the cellular level – one cell at a time.  This does lend to a one-size fits-all approach to treating disease. 

Micro-nutrient testing provides a personalized, precise approach to what you need now, to heal and repair. 

Disease can manifest in many ways – it can be subtle like not enough energy to do what you want to do, or it can be more dramatic like debilitating headaches, or a heart attack, or anywhere in between. 

Nutrient deficiencies are more common than we think, for numerous reasons. Often times, the foods we choose are high in calories, but low in nutrients.  Even fruits and vegetables are lower in natural nutrients due to farming practices that lead to low nutrient contents in the soil. Additionally, many medications we take on a daily basis to manage chronic illness can lead directly and indirectly to nutrient deficiencies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

There are a variety of tests that will give similar information each with its own special caveat.  Currently, we are using Micro-Nutrient tests from SpectraCell, Vibrant-America and Genova Diagnostics. While very similar, each of these tests have a unique quality that makes one more optimal for certain patient types. The type of specimen used for testing can also help determine which test is right for you – serum, finger-stick blood tests, or urine collections are all available. 

 It is well established that use of many different types of medications can directly and indirectly lead to nutrient deficiencies. For example, Metformin  causes B12 deficiency, and cholesterol lowering medications called statins like Lipitor or Crestor cause decreased amounts of a critical nutrient called Co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10). Here is a list of other medications: 

  • Proton Pump Inhibitors (omeperazole, pantroprazole)
  • Anti-Depressants (Lexapro, Paxil)
  • Anti-Anxiety (Xanax, Ativan)
  • Birth Control Pills
  • Blood Pressure Medications like B-blockers, or ACE-Inhibitors
  • Diuretics (Lasix, HCTZ)

Maybe, but often times unfortunately it is not enough.  As mentioned before, even the healthy food just does not have expected quantities of nutrients in it.  Further, not all vitamins are made the same –  the nutrients in one brand of  vitamin may be more readily available to your body than other brands. 

Other factors that affect micro-nutrient status:

~ Biochemical individuality; your specific needs are different than the general population.

~Absorption of nutrients; just because you are eating it, it may not be getting absorbed!

~Illness; acute and chronic illness require increased needs of certain micro-nutrients.

~Lifestyle; alcohol, exercise, smoking, medications all affect our micro-nutrient needs.

Absolutely! In fact – it is one of Dr. Lechner’s favorite tests for little ones. Growth and development are dependent on the availability of nutrients.  Because we have access to a wide variety of test options, it may not require a blood test and can be done for children as young as 1 year of age. 

To participate in our Insurance Billing program you are required to submit an initial insurance payment with your sample submission. This amount will be reflected as a credit on your billing statement.

If you would like for Genova Diagnostics to bill your commercial insurance or Medicare Advantage plan, a payment method is required. Obtain initial insurance amounts by creating a Patient Resource Center account online and using our Pay Assist tool or by speaking with your referring physician.

If your commercial insurance plan provides full payment of your test, you will receive a refund of the initial payment. If the initial payment is not provided, your out of pocket costs may be higher as you will not qualify for any credits or discounts when available. If you have coverage under a Government Program such as Medicare or Tricare, you will generally not be required to provide an initial payment. Learn more on Genova’s website.

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