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DUTCH Hormone Test

The DUTCH test is the most advanced hormone test, offering an extensive profile of sex hormones (read  estrogen, progesterone, testosterone)  and adrenal hormones – aka cortisol.  The test uses dried urine samples that are collected from the comfort of your own home.

This unique testing modality helps identify  hormonal imbalances that can lead symptoms like chronic fatigue, brain fog, PMS,  infertility, irregular cycles, stubborn weight gain… Left uncheck, hormone balances can lead to more severe health issues like autoimmune disorders or hormonally driven cancers like breast or ovarian cancer.

There are several different DUTCH tests available to tailor to each patient’s specific needs.

DUTCH testing is a great test for just about anyone.  Anyone experiencing hormonal symptoms like irregular periods, PMS, or infertility would benefit from a comprehensive hormone evaluation.  It is an absolute essential test for those women who are considering use of hormone replacement therapy.

Additionally,  women who experience symptoms like headaches, fatigue, and mood swings that seem to coincide with her cycle can gain great insight as to how their hormones are affecting them.

We also like to use DUTCH testing for disease prevention, especially of hormonally driven cancers like breast and ovarian cancer.

There are 7 different tests available. All require urine samples, and some require saliva samples as well. 

Most of the tests use samples collected in 1 day, but for women who have irregular cycles, infertility, or symptoms that seem to correlate with their menstrual cycle, the DUTCHmapping  test collects samples throughout the month. This unique test gives the most comprehensive look at hormone levels throughout the month. 

We will help you determine which test is right for you!


Men suffer from hormone imbalances and can experience “andropause”,  having symptoms of weight gain, low sex drive, fatigue, depression and sleep issues. 

While testosterone typically the hormone we think about for men,  estrogen and cortisol are hormones that are often over-looked in mens health. The DUTCHtest looks at all these hormones and provides the big picture to achieving hormone balance for men.


Of course! Dr. Lechner will be happy to give her interpretation of the results and provide a specific plan for you. 

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